Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Snowman Challenge

Use one of the following templates of the snowmen that I have shared below. You can simply copy and paste. What I want you to is to decorate the snowman to your own liking and submit to me. You can decorate on the computer using any software or tools of your choice, you can print it off and color by hand or decorate with other materials. I don’t care how you create your snowman, but I want an army of snowman. I want hundreds of snowman. I will create a special segment showcasing the entire collection of snowmen. I have some cool ideas of sharing your artwork, but in order for me to pull it off I need tons of snowmen. So……use your free time and create a snowman. Turn in to me in my office, my drop box or via email at aarmau@gmail.com. This is open to anyone who reads my blog so please start your flood of creative juices. Happy snowmannig? (is that even a word?)

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