Sunday, August 15, 2010

Half Marathon Training - Week 6 - Sunday


That is all I have to say to myself after my run this morning. This morning I woke up at 5:00 to prepare for a nice 10 mile run. I was not sure how this run was going to turn out after a long couple days of returning to school, the death of my wife's grandfather and all the mental and physical fatigue that comes with a funeral. We got home late last night from the last of the family get togethers for the weekend to only crash instantly. I was not sure I was going to be ready to run this morning. However, I forced myself out of bed, ate peanut butter on some raisin bread, drank a cup of coffee, hooked all my gadgets to my body and took off. I was a little nervous to run because I tweaked my knee a couple days ago just doing stuff around the house. I am not being dramatic as I have been involved with sports and injuries for my whole life and I know that this pain I have on the inside of my left knee right below the knee cap is not a good thing. It hurts, but I went out anyways because I know how important these long runs are to my training.

I started out nice and slow and kept a good sustainable pace. I took off on a new course which was fun to see different parts of the city by foot. I felt great. The last two miles I was running between 8:00 - 8:20 pace to push myself in the end as I felt I still had plenty left in the tank. My legs will be tired all day today, but I feel great! My knee pain subsided during the run, but now that I have returned home, it is not feeling too great. I will be jumping into an ice bath here in a few minutes to help my muscles and hopefully that will help.

I finished up running 10.01 miles in 1:38:01 with an average mile pace of 9:47 and burning a nice 1789 calories. Now back to the stress of getting things ready for school tomorrow now that we actually have a day to get everything done.

The quote I leave with you today is one that hits the nail on the head and my run today was proof of this quote.

"What lies before us and what lies behind us are all small matters compared to what lies within us."

Good luck achieving your goals.

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