Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Coffee For The Brain Book Tournament - Round 1 Book Decision #3

Here is the latest decision sent my way. Another great write-up and tough choice among the books.

For this clash we had

Kissing Doorknobs


Notes from a Midnight Driver

Here is the rational and decision by the judges. They did an excellent job if I might add.

Between Kissing Doorknobs and Notes From the Midnight Driver our winner was Notes From the Midnight Driver. Mrs. Wade and Mrs. Patterson

Notes From the Midnight Driver

By Jordan Sonnenblick

265 (small) pages

My first impression of the book made me curious why a lawn gnome was at the wheel of a car. How could he be the midnight driver? The answer was quickly revealed.

As the book begins you meet Alex Gregory. Alex does a stupid thing. A really stupid thing. Alex got drunk, stole his Mom’s car, and then crashed. His consequence of the crash involved community service in which he spent time at a nursing home with a patient named Sol Lewis.

As Alex goes about his life in high school, at home, and at the nursing home you discover his love of playing guitar and jazz, his best friend Laurie, and his recently separated parents. I really felt the author did a great job revealing Alex’s character. The dialogue of the book seemed very realistic. I had no problem visualizing the various exchanges between Alex, Sol, Laurie, and his parents.

This book made me both smile and feel sad which I believe makes a book memorable. It is a quick read (not a lot of text on the 265 pages) and I would highly recommend Notes From the Midnight Driver.

Mrs. Patterson

Humor, compassion and understanding are all wrapped into a great body of work by Jordan Sonnenblick. Written by a middle school teacher, I believe Notes From the Midnight Driver accurately reflects many of the choices and challenges faced by today’s teenager.

Who would have thought Alex Gregory’s momentary poor choice would place him in an elderly care center? Better yet, who would have thought he would learn so much about himself and the qualities of forgiveness and caring while working with a seemingly grumpy old man?

For those of you who read Notes From the Midnight Driver I believe you will be intrigued not only with the story line, but you will also be impressed with the personal growth and development of the characters. This is an intergenerational story—the young learn from the old and the old learn from the young about the kindness of humanity. If you want to build your Yiddish vocabulary (schlemazzel, meshuggener,etc.), have a few good laughs, and a few soul-searching, somber moments I encourage you to read Notes From the Midnight Driver. You will not be disappointed!!!!!!

Mrs. Wade


Ms. Yingling said...

My daughter and her best friend memorized the first chapter of this because they thought it was so funny. So glad for Sonnenblick that After Ever After got the Schneider Family Award.

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I love Sonnenblick's books!

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That book is so god doing it for a project.

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