Saturday, May 14, 2011

Ava Lynn Maurer becomes my 1000th Post

Can you believe this is my 1000th post? I cannot believe I have wasted your time with so many useless things. Actually I hope you have been able to find something useful or entertaining over the course of these last few years. This blog has emerged and evolved many times, but throughout it all is has kept the essence of who I am: Nerdiness and enjoying life while pushing myself to achieve new goals and achievements. Thank you for reading my posts if you are a follower or reader. I appreciate it very much. As much as this blog is for myself it is nice to be able to share things with others with similar thoughts and ideas.

What better timing than to share something special with all of you for my 1000th post. I was worried that I would not have anything worthwhile when I got to this point. Actually I never thought this blog would last this long. I have the perfect thing to share for my 1000th post. My new daughter, Ava.

On a side note, I am announcing the winner of the 40 book giveaway tomorrow and starting a new giveaway also. Be on the lookout.

I am also starting up my new training plan for my summer races. This will all be unveiled later in the week.

Now, time for Ava

You know it was coming.

Addyson and Ava my two crazy daughters!!
A video about Ava. This is just a little video showcasing some more photos and videos of Ava. You know there is going to be many more. It is just who I am. The nerd in me cannot resist making videos.

Ava is already a deep thinker.....or she cannot stand my coffee breath
Of course I had to share in my reading interests to Ava
Ava and I having a moment together

My favorite quote of the week comes from my daughter when she told me this about Ava:

"Her hair is as soft as ice cream."

How awesome is that? Words cannot describe any better way especially when it comes from your own kids.

Here is the video. I might have to use one of these pictures as my new avatar for all my online stuff. I love being a father even if it costs me my sleep.

Ava from aaron Maurer on Vimeo.


SarcasmInAction said...

she's perfect! I think she looks like her big brother. congrats!

Ms. Yingling said...

Your post made me thank my three teenagers for NOT being infants for the thousandth time. No matter how insane teenagers make me, they are pretty good about letting me sleep. Good luck, and congratulations!