Monday, October 24, 2011

Coffee For The Brain November Calendar Images - Flickr Project

Alright people, I started this little Flickr project last week where anyone can submit images to my Flickr Group

I will be honest, I really thought this group would fill up with images. I know that many of you take pictures of nature, each other, cool things, quotes, sayings, etc.

So far, I have received zero. Maybe it is a bad project, but I really don't think so. I have been gathering some images on my phone as well as gathering some motivational images from Pinterest to use to fill in the gaps. However, I would really like a calendar that is created by my fellow readers and students.

We have this week to submit some images for the November calendar. Don't let me down. Submit some pictures. Otherwise I will create calendar, but it won't be near as cool as one created by the masses.

Don't worry, I am not quitting this idea. Once the November calendar is done, then we will move to December.

I look forward to your images.

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