Sunday, October 16, 2011

I Feel Gross and I Am Glad

Ugghhh! I feel gross. I feel terrible really.

And I am glad!!

Hard to make sense of this thought process, but it is true.

Ever since the marathon I just have not had the right mindset for training. I took the necessary week off to rest the body and mind, but somehow that week has lead to several weeks.

I did run 20 miles last week. I only ran 4 this week. My eating habits are disgusting. My consumption of carbs, fats, and sugars are tipping the point of complete unhealthiness.

I have finally hit that wall where I just don't feel good about myself. My energy levels are low. I am not quite as happy as I was while running and training. It turns to an endless cycle of feeling bad for yourself so why not continue to feed into your bad feelings by eating more garbage?

Today I woke up and my brain said ENOUGH! I feel like I flipped the switch. It is time to clean up my eating. It is time to write down a new training plan. It is time to get myself back to where I was a few weeks ago when I felt on top of the world.

Reading a variety of books and online sites they often talk of the depression like state after a big race or goal accomplishment. I hit that valley. However, it is time to begin to walk my way out of the valley.

Today I start with changing my eating.

Tomorrow I start with working on the body.

Let the new chapter in my GETTING IT DONE! life mantra begin.

The time is now.

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