Monday, October 31, 2011

Manga Review: 20th Century Boys Vol. 3

Book Description

Naoki Urasawa's 20th Century Boys June 16, 2009
R to L (Japanese Style). It turns out that the Friend's plan to destroy the world was dreamed up long ago by a gang of boys playing "good guys against bad guys"...And now, the only one who can stop this diabolical plot from succeeding is the one who came up with it--Kenji!Kenji races home and picks up the newspaper: sure enough, the mystery microbe has hit London. He thinks back over everything that has happened and what he and his childhood friends dug up, and is forced to face the unbelievable truth--someone really is putting into motion the story Kenji made up as a child, and people are dying because of it!

My Thoughts

Out of the three volumes I have read in this series, this one is my favorite. I read this in one sitting. I was not able to put it down. There were a couple little surprise factors that really drew me further into the story. 

Not being a huge manga fan or I should say not having read many, this series is really taking a hold of me. I was hooked with Volume 1 and really enjoyed the storyline line development in Volume 2. I have more volumes awaiting me to be read. I only hope the series continues to get better and better like it has done so far.

The plot is starting to thicken and some very interesting events are starting to unravel. Based on what Kenji discovers I can only guess at what is to happen next. 

As mentioned by the other reviewer on Amazon, I think what I like best about Kenji is that he is just a normal person. He has so super powers(at least not that I know of). He is one that we can relate to while we read about his adventures.

Time to track down the other volumes in this series. I need more!!!!

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