Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Project Based Learning - Idea for Possible Social Studies Project - Anyone Want to Help Create?

I was reading the latest updates on one of my favorite sites when I came across this image prompt

This got me thinking about how I can further challenge my students. I was thinking about creating some sort of project where I provide them a lesson over a time period and they have to figure out which things I share with them are incorrect.

Then I was thinking I could take it one step further and turn this into a project based learning unit where they would have to create a presentation of some sort. What the other students would have to do would have to identify what is correct/incorrect. This would be a double assessment in terms of my students understanding the material enough to secretly throw in some incorrect info while the audience has to try to identify what is wrong.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Collaboration options?

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Jkull said...

This sounds like a great idea! If the timing/scheduling would work out for my class to be involved in this type of project, I am very interested.
Jill K.