Thursday, October 20, 2011

Training - 30 Days Until LHF Race

Another cold morning. I looked at my weather app, Swackett before running and with the windchill factored in it felt like it was in the 20's. It did feel that cold, especially when running in open spaces where the wind was quite strong.

I took off for a somewhat new route. I was not sure the distance and about 3 miles in I knew I had to extend/modify the run. I completed a 5.17 mile run. It felt good to be out running. I almost did not go out as I was not motivated, but once I took off my body jumped into a good rhythm and away I went.

I started off nice and easy running mile 1 in 8:52. It took some running to get the body warmed up and ready. I ran mile 2 in 8:34, mile 3 8:28, mile 4 8:10. I still felt really good at this point so I decided to push a little and see how my body responded. Mile 5 I ran 7:16. I am very pleased with this last mile time. I have not ran this fast in a very long time. The great thing about the colder temperatures is that I don't overheat so I could have kept going. It felt really good to see this time split. It gives me hope that my body is slowly turning back around to where I was.

GETTING IT DONE! is back in effect and the results are starting to show after only one week. Keep on pushing. Keep on striving to reach your goals.

5.17 miles in 42:32 for 8:13 mile pace.

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