Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Two Photo Challenges For My Online Friends

I love Flickr. It is viewed and used by me every single day. I have more sets of photos than I know what to do with. Today I was thinking that I have not posted a challenge in quite some time for my readers. I was finishing a cup of coffee and came up with two ideas.

Challenge #1: Leave a comment to this post about some possible set topics for my Flickr Groups. I will take your ideas, create a group, and then collectively we can take pictures and submit them to the group. Great joys of fun. We can share our photos, leave feedback, and create our own little online photo community. I was thinking that "coffee" will be one topic, but we can go much deeper.

Challenge #2: Send me some pictures that I could use for a monthly calendar. October is almost over so I am focused on November. I would like a picture for each day of the month. That means I need 30 images. You can submit them either to me via email or to my Flickr Group that I created for my calendar challenge.

Here is the Flickr Group Link:

This is going to super EPIC with a dose of caffeine.

Snap those pictures!

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