Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Are Students Really Tech Savvy? I don't think so because....

Pencil Labs?I see time and time again expamples in my classroom where students are not able to perform very simple functions with technology(yes, I take the time to stop and teach what I assumed they knew how to do - I don't ignore it and become the problem that I complain about).

I think there is this mystique with kids that we think they can do everything with technology. I won't argue that they know how to text, watch YouTube(perhaps make YouTube videos), and anything related to viewing media.

However, they cannot
  • *type
  • *understand statements like "Copy and Paste"
  • *web address vs. search box
  • *how to search properly
  • *Google and Google Images is not a valid link for citingn information
  • *using email and other forms of communication outside of Facebook
  • *use database for accurate information OR
  • sift through the millions of websites to determine what is valid and invalid

I should back up and state that this is not the case for every single student. However, the more I push technology, web 2.0 tools, wiki, etc. into my class to help flatten the education atmosphere the more I realize that they are clueless.

They need to be taught.

Teachers need to understand the components first. Then we need to teach. Now we barely have enough time in our classroom now to get through the required professional developments and teaching necessities to add technology teaching in our classes.

I think schools need to figure out how to incorporate the foundations of technology use(not device specific, but general skills) so when they reach the higher levels we can dive into more specific tricks of the trade.

I don't know, maybe I am wrong here, but I am just not seeing the basic technology skills in students. Districts are pushing technolgoy more than ever, but we are forgetting one key component - teaching parents, students, and teachers how to use them effectively.

My nerd rant is over. Back to the nerd cave to create more nerdy things.

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