Sunday, November 6, 2011

Governor's Run

Last night I decided to go and run this race today. I really thought this was going to be a 4 mile run. I was not worried about time and just wanted to end the week with some good miles. I got myself around wearing my Live Uncommon gear and was ready to check out this race I knew literally nothing about.

This morning I learned that I need duct tape on my shoes. So, I applied some duct tape to my shoes. It proved to be somewhat helpful as my shoestrings never got in the way and get them from getting all junked up. I later learned that many duct tape their ankles and then connect it to the tape on their shoes. This ensures that you don't lose your shoes in the mud. Right away I realized the benefits to this. One kid was running with only shoe after the first mud jump.

Duct tape on the shoes
I learned how not to jump in mud. I jumped at an angle where my legs went in ahead of my body. I had a very hard time getting out because I kept falling backwards. I was immersed in mud way past my knees. This was a great start. I had already started slow as the beginning of the race was pretty bottled up. However, this later proved to be okay.

I also learned that this race is not 4 miles as broadcast. I always took the "shortcuts" along the way. These shortcuts may be shorter, but not always easier. I always took them because I felt like getting dirty and muddy along the way.

I also learned that trail running is tough. I have never ran on trails before. Ever! Can you believe that? This terrain was all brand new to me. Running up hills and then descending in a zig zag patter was tough. My knees and feet and my legs muscles were used in ways they have never been used before. And I loved it.

The course ended up being 6.2 miles for me. I know each person runs their own distance depending on what trail they decided to run on. It took me 62 minutes to complete according to my watch.  I really wish I had a camera with me on the run to record some pics of the scenery. It was awesome.
One shortcut lead me through these wonderful things and thorns

My hands after the race. Cold and muddy
I saw some familiar faces out on the course. I saw many of PVXC girls out there in complete mud carrying a wagon and a broken skateboard(I think). There were also many Bettendorf XC girls as well. So great to see them out running. I some a few other Live Uncommon members also.

I had a blast. This is one of the best races I have been part of. I know I could have ran faster, but there were times when the trails were just too bottled up to go around. What is so great about this race is that it is not about time. It was a reminder to sometimes run without worrying about time or tempo.

This was the race I needed. It really helped me get out and really enjoy running. I have not had that enjoyment lately. This was also great practice for my Living History Farms Race coming up in about 2 weeks. People tell me it is a lot like this race, but better which means harder and muddier. I think I have found a new race to consider - mud runs and adventure racing.

Congrats to everyone who ran today. Everyone accomplished GETTING IT DONE!


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