Friday, November 18, 2011

Training - 1 Day Until LHF Race - Swim Workout

Jumped in the pool this morning to work on my swimming technique. I honestly lost count of how many lengths I did so I will side on the error and go with 20 laps, but I think I did 25(50 lengths). I was in the pool for 40 minutes.

I had two objectives for today. First, I wanted to continue to work on the drills and techniques that I learned from last weekend. Second, I wanted to work on my stamina by not having to stop each time I swam one length.

I worked on all the drills of swimming: breathing(3,5,and 7 strokes, pull buoy, board to focus on my kicks, keeping my head up and looking forward, and really extending my reach.

I was able to get down and back without stopping, but after a few times doing this I really had a hard time with a lack of oxygen. I know this will come with time and practice, but being that I cannot swim 50 meters without breathing heavy I have a hard time visualizing swimming 1-2 miles. I have some major ground to cover. I also know that my stamina can be improved later once I fix my swim technique.

I am excited for my race tomorrow. The weather shall prove interesting. There is a chance of rain along with 15-25 mile an hour winds. I am still trying to figure out how to dress for this race. I was thinking shorts as running through creeks pants would get wet and I would have to continue to run in wet pants where bare legs would dry faster. I need to prep tonight as 3:30 am will be here soon when I am up and preparing to leave.

Happy Friday everyone!

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