Monday, November 14, 2011

Training - 5 Days Until LHF Race - 6 Mile Morning Run

After a very long night of dealing with Ava who was literally up all night crying, squirming, throwing up, etc. I was almost excited to jump out of bed to run. I was not sure how my body was going to do on the run with little sleep and still being sore from last week.

I had hoped to get in 25 miles of running last week, but ended up with only 18 miles. I did add a swim workout in there which was new to me. My feet were tender on Sunday and also this morning from the swim workout as my feet and calves kept cramping during the swim.

I headed out to BMS to meet the morning crazies. There were only two of us this morning. Many of the crazies ran this weekend in the Wildcat 50k or other races and I think they needed  day off. I know our group is going to be nice sized running group once we can get everyone dialed in and on the same page. With winter around the corner the race season is about over so we should be all ready to rock.

We knocked out 6 miles in 48:47 for a 8:08 mile pace. This was a nice pace that allowed for some good conversation. It was the perfect run that I needed. I don't know if my body was ready to be pushed. This what I needed - some good exercise to get my mind cleared and to knock out some good miles on Monday.

I am down to 5 days until my race. I am excited to run something new and fresh. Aiden is having his first sleepover on Friday so Amanda and I will not be going up Friday for a getaway weekend as we had hoped for. I will be getting up around 3 am and drive the 3 hour drive to get to the starting line on time.

I hope I can stay healthy. I have been battling a cold, but my family has been dealing with much worse so I hope to avoid all the illness so I feel fresh on Saturday. I hope to jump in the pool tomorrow to work on some techniques that I was told to work on during my swim lesson.

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