Friday, November 11, 2011

Training - 8 Days until LHF Race - A Cold One Today

My hands are still numb as I type this post. I feel like a gorilla at a keyboard. It was cold this morning. I was tired this morning as two of my kids were up with a terrible cough all night. By the time I actually fell into a deep sleep it was time wake up. I fell back asleep after my alarm, but found a way to wake up and get up to run.

I wanted to get 5 miles in this morning. My legs felt tired after running the last two days and battling a cold myself. I knew I needed to pick up the pace just a little bit to get my run in on time as I was late getting started.

Once I warmed up it felt great to be out running. It was a very peaceful morning with the full moon out to light the way. I ran 5.19 miles in 40:42 for 7:51 pace running the last mile at 7:32 pace.

I am feeling good going into my race next weekend. I am hoping for one more run this week, maybe two if I can squeeze it in. I am also off to learn how to swim. That should prove rather interesting. I contacted a person to give me some tips. I know I will make a fool of myself for sure, but the only way to get better is to jump in and practice.

Have a great Friday! We survived this week that felt like it would never end. Off for some coffee and oatmeal.

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