Thursday, November 10, 2011

Training - 9 Days Until LHF Race

Great morning for a run! When I was first outside I thought it was rather chilly, but once we took off it made for some great running weather.

I met up with some PV teachers/runners at PVHS this morning. It was a great time. It felt nice to be out running with other people and not just myself lost in the shuffle of my iPod. It was also nice to be out running a different course to mix things up.

 One of the great things about the running world is the community of runners. There are so many great people to connect with. The time went by pretty fast this morning. We ended up running 6 miles in 48:53 for 8:07 pace which was a nice easy pace. We actually saw quite a few other crazy people out running as well.

The run helped me feel better as well. The last few days my body has been fighting a little head cold and some chest congestion. I always feel great after a little exercise. I felt really good after the run.

I hope to have a few more mornings like this before the snow and ice comes. We had the snow coming down yesterday, but thank goodness it did not stick.

Looking ahead to race it is going to be here before I know it. Being a 7 mile course and one that you cannot really get too caught up in time I will not have much of a taper. I hope to finish up this week with some more good miles and look to get healthy and rested for next weekend.

I am off to make coffee and attend to this toe of mine that decided to do some bleeding this morning. Have a great Thursday.

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