Monday, November 21, 2011

Training - Sunday 11.20.11 - Swim Class and Basketball

Sunday has been my 12th straight day of training and working out. I know I should have a break in there, but some of these days have been me doing some swimming(not very much) working on technique. I needed a day for rest, but Sunday was packed again.

I had my first triathlon swim class. This was a 1 hour swim class where I worked with Stacey Zapolski and Tara Christensen. There were five of us for this class. I learned many things that I need to work on.

  • My kicking is terrible. My knees bend way too much. I have to correct this by working on kicking from my hips and not the knees. I find it hard to not bend at my knees and at the same time keep my ankles loose. I either am completely rigid like a board, or kick like a mad man.
  • I need to swim with more of my core. I swim with my shoulders. I move my shoulders during my stroke, but my core/rest of the body does not move. I need to work on rotating my body while extending more on the stroke.
  • I was able to get to the other end of the pool in 17 strokes. They said I should be down around 14. I have some work to do. When I swim on my own I am still up around 20 strokes.
  • I need to reach in front and pull all the way to my leg.

These were some things that I walked away with to work on during the next month. I really need to dial in my kick. I am starting to notice it more and more.

Some drills that I need to work on to improve some of these skills are
  • Streamline swim - hands out in front and just working on my kick. Breathing as needed, but not using my arms at all. I can also do this similar drill, but instead of the streamline position move my hands down to my sides.
  • Swim on my back with hands at my sides. I don't like this drill because I am not comfortable on my back, but this really allows me to see my knees rising. It is a great drill to help me focus on kicking from my hips
  • Shark Fin - not sure if this is the right name or not, but this is the toughest drill I have encountered. Basically, swim on your side for 6 kicks, one are extended looking forward. While kicking you are to bring elbow up out of water like you are ready to switch hands. You pump like that three times and then rotate. I cannot describe it any better, but I suck at this drill. Obviously, it is because I need work on it. I hope to get better by next month when we meet again.
  • Kicking with fins. I have not used fins, but I know I need to. This will be something easy that I can incorporate.
Needless to say I love the challenge. I get frustrated that I cannot adapt as quickly as I would like, but this is something new for me and it is providing me something fresh in my workouts.


After my swim class I had to run to my car and drive over for my basketball game. I have not touched a basketball in quite some time. My cardio and conditioning was top notch, but my bball skills have decreased. It felt good to be on the court again. I took this time to work on sprint intervals and changing speed and direction. I could tell that I have not moved like this in quite some time and I could tell by the pain in my knees later.

Needless to say after the race Saturday and these two workouts today I am exhausted. It is a good tired, but I am ready for Thanksgiving to give my body a rest.

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