Monday, November 28, 2011

Triathlon Training Begins: 32 Weeks to 70.3 Ironman @ Muncie, IN

It is done. Well, done in the sense that I have finally put together a plan for the next 32 weeks. I wrapped up my running season with the Living History Farms Race a few weeks back. This was the perfect race to keep me running. During that time I really felt good and found my motivation to push my body after losing all sense of focus.

I took some time off over Thanksgiving. I dropped off the online world except for a few FB and Twitter posts here and there. I hung out with my family and ate like a slob. I had planned for two rest days and this quickly turned into four days. I don't really think this was bad as my body has not had much downtime lately. Last night my body had enough of the garbage being fed to it and so was my mind. I prepped my body to refocus.

The weekend gave me some time to sit and plan out an action plan for my training. I need races to prep for or I quickly convince myself to not train. I have discussed triathlons for a while now and just needed to push myself over the edge and commit much like the marathon I accomplished this year. I failed about four times to get started and then I finally committed and it was all good from there.

I printed out monthly calendars(see above) from December 2011 - September 2012 and began to pencil in the races I really want to do. I sat down with Amanda to make sure she was ok with everything because I know it is just as hard for her taking care of the kids as it is for me to train. Without her none of this is possible.

Here are the races as of right now that I know for sure I want to participate in:

-June 8-9: Ragnar Relay
-June 16th: QC Tri (my first tri)
-July 7th: 70.3 Ironman in Muncie, IN
-July 30th(date subject to change): Bix 7
-September 23rd: QC Marathon

The other races I considered are

May 26th: Iron Horse 50 Mile Bike @ Colorado
August 12th - Rev3 70.3 @ Wisconsin Dells
September 9th: Full 140.6 Ironman at Madison, WI or 140.6 Rev3 @ Cedar Point(this is all depending on how I feel with the July 7th race)

My big GETTING IT DONE! goal is the 70.3 Ironman in Muncie, IN on July 7th. I need to register to make it official, but this is what my sights are set on as my next big challenge to conquer. I marked my calendar for this race and counted my weeks back to now. This gave me 32 weeks. I then had to figure out when to start training. Being as cycling and swimming are brand new to me I decided to break up my training into two parts
1. 12 week Sprint Tri Training
2. 20 Week 70.3 Ironman Training

This gives me three months to learn how to train, learn technique and build up my stamina and strength properly without forcing myself to do more than I can handle. I hope to find an inside tri at the end of 12 weeks as a practice.

Once I finish the 12 weeks, then I should have a good base to really hammer out training for the 70.3 race. By then, I will hopefully figured out my body, strengths, weaknesses, etc.
This means that I need to start training today.

What do you think? I would welcome any feedback or advice. I have crafted all of this just based on what I have read and my personal insights(not much). My bike is at Healthy Habits getting tuned up and once that is done I will have it fitted for me. I have ordered a trainer online so I can ride at home in the morning and night. I have ordered my own set of fins for swimming. I still need bike pedals and shoes and I should be good for now. Eventually I will need a tri suit and all that good stuff, but that is not needed at this point in time.

I am excited. I have a plan. I have a vision. I have a goal. It is time to push my body to a new level. I have progressed from a half marathon two years ago to the marathon this year to the new level of a 70.3 race. I am thankful for the family support and the health that allows me to do this. I don't ever want to take it for granted.

Don't worry companies, I am currently accepting any sponsorships at the moment. Please let me know.

(yes, this is complete sarcasm as I don't expect it, but felt like adding it in here for a little humor)

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josiahcampbell said...

Wow man, sounds like you got this all planned out. I know how you feel about having a race on the schedule to keep you motivated, I am the same way. 70.3 is a huge goal but I'm confident you will do it, I just want to get a sprint and olympic distance under my belt this year than go for the half and maybe the full in 2013. If you ever want to get together for a run or a ride (when the weather gets nice) let me know.