Monday, November 28, 2011

Triathlon Training Begins - Week 1: Day 1 of 32 Weeks

This morning I started my triathlon training. I know it seems like a weird time to start, but after spending some serious time yesterday calculating races, the calendar, and what I think I need to be ready today was the day to start. I will have a separate post coming later today about my triathlon training plan, but for this post I am going to focus on my first workout.

Today was a swim workout. I know I still have much to learn about swimming, but I figured I could incorporate my swimming technique work into the training plan at the same time. I am starting at a basic level for both skill and endurance so this should not be much of a problem.

I wrote out my workout and placed it in a plastic baggie to keep it from getting ruined(so clever I know!)

Jumping into the pool felt like I had not swam in forever(even though it was only about 5 days ago). Having a plan made me more focused and allowed me to get in and get out in about 30 minutes. The plan kept me from stopping all the time and reduced my rest times. I swam about the same amount as I had been, but I had a purpose and time flew by.

I started off with 200 warm up getting my body back in the flow of swimming. Taking four days off really causes more harm than good.

I then moved into a Swim Drill Set. The plan asked for 6 x 25, but I did 8 x 25 to focus on technique more. I worked with the pull buoy, the shark fin, side swim, and counted my strokes.

From there I moved to the hardest part of the workout, the Swim Base Intervals. I had to do 4 x 100 with 5 second rest in between. I have not swam 100 consecutively before. I was able to complete the 4 sets, but I needed more than 5 seconds rest between(more like 20 seconds). I could tell I would get tired the last 25 or so because my swim form fell apart completely. My legs were so far down in the water and my stroke was terrible. This is a good element to add because this is something I need to work on in addition to technique.

Next up was the kicking set. This asked for 4 x 25. I did 50 with no fins, 50 with fins, and another 50 where I would work on adding my arms into the mix to work on technique. I added an extra 50.

Finally, it was time for the 200 cool down. I was tired and ready to be done. However, with the extra time I was able to then go to the gym and get in a short workout.

I ended up with 1150 yd. workout in about 30 minutes. This is very good for me.

One of my goals this winter is to lift weights at least 1-2 times a week. This morning I had about 15 minutes so here is what I was able to hammer out.

Squat: 135 x 8 (2 sets)
Pull Ups - 2 sets of 5 between squats as my rest
DB Bench - 65 lbs x 8 (2 sets)
Bicep Curls - 45 lbx x 10 (2 sets)

It was not much, but it was a start. I need to make sure I incorporate legs and core more into the workout. I will gradually increase my lifting sets and workouts, but I plan to start small to avoid any unnecessary injuries.

It was a great start to my training. Only 32 more weeks to go until my big day. I still need to sign up to make it official, but my mind is set and that is the most important.

GETTING IT DONE! is back in effect and ready to rock and roll into 2012.

Have a great Monday!

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