Thursday, December 29, 2011

Board of Inspiration 12.29.11 - More a "Card of Inspiration"

I was looking at what my more popular posts have been lately and my Inspiration Board is taking top honors in many categories. I have not posted an inspirational message in a while due to the fact that my whiteboard is on my door at school and we are on break. I decided to try a new approach. I took one of my note cards that I use for training and created a message. Hope you enjoy! I actually pulled this from a book of daily wisdom by Tony Dungy and found it interesting to read this sentence with everything going on in the NFL. I also found it to be inspirational as I continue to test my own belief in myself, others, and faith.

Feel free to make one of your own and send it to me via email at aarmau at gmail dot com.
I will be making more of these. I have many ideas in mind and actually plan on creating some for basketball practice starting next week. Bust our your creativity, photos, markers, stencils, and paint and motivate me and others.

Until tomorrow.....keep GETTING IT DONE!

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