Monday, December 5, 2011

Spike: Elf on the Shelf Day 5

So yesterday Spike drew on the pictures of Aiden and Addy. He left a note asking them to draw a picture of him. This was the perfect thing to do because Aiden has completely moved this day to day operation in a style that makes it very simple to follow suit.

Aiden drew a picture of Spike as pictured below:

Aiden then took his creative brain and built the following little package

It might hard to tell what this all is so let me explain. First, the glass of orange juice to give him something to drink. The picture is below. The wood structure is a table with some cereal for the Spike to eat. The block with the little paper is his seat to sit down and enjoy the meal. Spike did not have to be real creative last night. Spike just needed to respond to what was given to him.
This morning Aiden and Addy woke up to the following scene

Spike left a note explaining that he drank all the OJ, ate the cereal and framed his picture over the photo of Aiden. He is beyond excited to see what the snack is going to be. I wonder what the snack will be?

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