Friday, December 9, 2011

Triathlon Training: Week 2 - Friday Swim

This morning I headed to the Y for my second swim workout of the week. I was beyond sore. Sore beyond comprehension. Not from running, but from that super hard 52 Card Pick-Up workout Chad and I did earlier in the week. My body hurts. I know now not to work the body that hard again. The crazy thing is that it did not require any weights.

I kept the swim workout somewhat similar to what I have been doing to make sure I get the necessary drills in before the Tri Swim Class this weekend.


200 Swim - This hurt. My body being so sore it took all 200 yards to work out the kinks and allow my body to actually extend.

200 Kick with board and flippers - My new flippers arrived. They are short blades so I learned right away that it is still quite a workout with these flippers on, but they feel great and did not cause any more flipper wounds on my feet that look disgusting from using the ones at the Y

200 Pull Buoy - This warm up really helped me extend and work out the final pains of soreness

Swim Drills - 12 x 50

4 x 50 of counting strokes - My body was tired this morning so I was 18-19 strokes which is more than where I have been lately for each 25 yds.

4 x 50 - Six Kick Switch w/ fins

4 x 50 - Shark Fin w/ fins

Swim Fartleks - This part is new to me. Trying something new and different. This series kicked my butt. I actually felt like I was sweating in the pool.

4 x 100 (25 build/ 25 descend)

What this consists of is swimming one length starting at moderate pace and building to threshold and then coming back starting at threshold and slowing down to moderate pace. This wore me out. This was a great workout for me. My oxygen levels were off and the final 25 yards of each of these sets my heart was ready to pulse out of my chest.

Swim Kick - 8 x 50

4 x 50 on my back. This was very hard with my fins. I did not move as fast and actually they really created a tough workout on this series. My calves were burning.

4 x 50 on stomach in streamline position.

Swim Cool Down - I was supposed to do 100 yd cool down but I was done. My body was spent so I headed to the hot tub to soak my body for a few minutes.

I ended up swimming 2000 yds in about 60 minutes. It was a good workout.

To the bike this weekend.  My sensor should arrive today so I hope to have everything dialed in tonight to ride early each morning.

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