Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Triathlon Training: Week 2 - First Setback...Terrible Tuesday

I am off to bed here in about 10 minutes. I am exhausted. My wife is exhausted. We had a night from you know where. I got home from a school board meeting last night and after we got everything squared away for my Lego Robotics team(we compete this weekend) it was after 9:00. At 10 pm Ava started to cry. This has been somewhat normal since she has been sick lately. However, this cry was different and not normal. It sounded like she was in pain. She cried

She cried

and cried

and cried some more

Amanda drove around the city

She came home and cried

and cried

Amanda went to ER where the nurse looked at her like she was crazy because of course Ava was quiet and calm

She came home and Ava cried

and cried

I took her for a drive and she fell asleep

We came home and she cried and cried

Ava cried from 10 pm until about 5:30 am  nonstop. Amanda and I were up all night. It was not pretty. Needless to say I did not workout this morning. I was worn out and I was not going to leave the house either.

After taking a nap late this morning once she finally collapsed I felt a little better, but still felt like crap. Later in the afternoon I tried to jump on my bike to try out a new workout dvd, but my Garmin cadence sensor decided to quit working. It will gather cadence info, but no speed which means miles and everything else are not calculated.

It just went with the type of day we were having. I ordered a new one so I can ride.

I hope to get back at it tomorrow. Life throws us curve balls and we have to adapt. Life is just like training as we must always adapt to the situation. I have gone through many emotions and levels of fatigue. I am tired. Time for bed and tomorrow I hope to get back on track. I will declare today my rest day of the week and try to get all my workouts in through Sunday. GETTING IT DONE! just became a true challenge only two weeks in to my training.

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