Thursday, December 8, 2011

Triathlon Training: Week 2 - Thursday Run..Ouch, Ouch, Ouch

It was just 9 hours ago that I was at the Y running. This morning I woke up sore. Not from the running yesterday, but from the 52 Card Pickup workout that Chad and I did. I am sore from my shoulders down to my knees. My chest and back are sore beyond what I expected. My core is sore and I was not expecting soreness in that region. It hurt to rise out of bed. That was a tough workout and I am feeling the effects of it this morning.

I met Chad and Y and we headed outdoors for a nice easy run. It was nice out. The wind was minimal and temperature wise it was not bad being around 25 degrees. We took things nice and slow and made sure we got in our time and miles. We finished up with 4 miles of running in 35:51 for a 8:57 pace. I needed a 30 minute moderate pace run and this was what we set out to do. This was perhaps slower than a "moderate" pace, but with the run I had last night I needed a slow run.

Besides the soreness from the workout yesterday my feet hurt. I am not sure if that is a sign for new shoes or running on the treadmill. I remember having feet problems last winter from running the treadmill. I will see how things develop and either get new shoes or just give my feet time to adjust to the treadmill.

Back to the pool tomorrow. I can only hope I can extend my arms.

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