Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Triathlon Training: Week 2 - Wednesday Chaos Finally Ends With Good Run

Tonight I forced myself out the door around 7:50 to make my way back to the Y. I was back for round 2 after sleeping in this morning and not getting in the bike ride I wanted on the stationary bike. I needed to get a run in that I missed out on Tuesday. This keeps me on track with completing all necessary training for the week without going overboard or losing ground.

It was hard to go out. Amanda just got home from tutoring and I was ready for bed to be honest. I went to the Y to get in my planned 30 minute run at a moderate pace as the plan states. I started off at a good pace running mile 1 in 8:09. I felt really good once I warmed up. I decided to just increase 1/2 mph every 5 minutes.
5 min - 8.5(I actually moved to this around the 2:00 minute mark and stayed there for 8 minutes)
10 min - 8.5
15 min - 9.0
20 min - 9.5
25 min - 10.0

Mile 1 - 8:09
Mile 2 - 7:18
Mile 3 - 6:44
Mile 4 - 6:20

Total 4 miles in 28:35 for 7:08 pace

If only running outside was as easy as a treadmill nice and flat. I guess this would considered a tempo run? I am not sure if this counts as one, but I pushed myself. It felt good. I feel back in balance and in check with my training, my mental state, and life.

Now if only Ava would provide me a good night sleep for once I think the chaos storm has moved on. The Maurer family has persevered.

GETTING IT DONE! never felt so good.

Back to running again tomorrow as my bike sensor has not arrived.

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