Friday, December 16, 2011

Triathlon Training: Week 3 - Friday Swim

I had a great swim workout today. Thanks to Stacey Zapolski for providing this workout. This had me working hard and pushing myself in the pool today.

Here is the workout for today.

Remember that you can see all my workout note cards for the week in my Triathlon Training set on Flickr:


This was a perfect workout for week three of training. I have pushed hard and really had another great week of training. The weekend will provide another few days of good training. I have a bike ride of 75 minutes planned which will be my longest ride yet and I am thinking about running with a group of runners who are training for Leadville. I will not run for the entire 3-4 hours, but am thinking of tagging along for at least one 90 minute loop. I don't want to do too much and cause injury so 90 minutes will be plenty. It will be nice to get out and run with some familiar faces. I hope to get both things done this weekend and take time to hang with the family.

Have a great Friday! If you have any good swim workouts that you think would help me please send my way.

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