Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Triathlon Training: Week 3 Tuesday 45 Min. Fartlek Run

Headed out extra early this morning to get in both the run and some weights before school. Chad and I hit the roads at 4:45 this morning as we had a 45 minute run workout. I needed to perform 8 x 30 second fartleks throughout the run. I have never done this type of workout before so I was not sure how I would handle the 30 second sprints throughout. My plan was to do one every 5 minutes. I did not get the first completed until the 10 minute mark. I did not feel my body was warmed up enough to sprint any sooner.

It was perfect outside. Hard to believe that it was 40 degrees two weeks before Christmas in Iowa. I was a little worried about running today because my right calf still hurts from my cramps Sunday. It is very tender. However, I felt fantastic running today.

I ended the run with 6.02 miles in 47:58 for 7:58 pace overall. My max HR was 189 and my average HR 154. I never felt tired until the very end. I think I could have sprinted harder during the 30 second bursts, but being my first time I was not sure if I would hit a wall or not. Regardless I have not ran in the 5 minute region ever!! This was very cool to see on my watch even if it was only for 30 seconds at a time.

Here are my 30 second sprint mile paces

1: 6:19
2. 5:31
4. 5:30
5. 5:32
6. 5:47
7. 5:35
8. 5:19

After the run we headed to the Y and did a quick upper body lifting session.

2 x 10 Bench Press @ 135
2 x 10 DB Bench @ 50 lbs each arm
2 x 1 minute Bicep Blasters @ 20 lbs
2 x 15 Tricep Pushups
2 x 8 Pull-Ups
2 x 8 Push Press

It was a good workout. I will do some core work tonight when I have time. Back to the bike tomorrow. My pedals and shoes came in so I hope to have that all figured out tonight so I can test them tomorrow.

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