Friday, December 23, 2011

Triathlon Training: Week 4 Recovery - Nice & Easy Long Run

At 4:00 am coffee, GU Drink, and GU gel are the keys to waking up and being able to move so early in the morning.

I could not pass the opportunity to run with the guys training for Leadville again this morning. I still have one bike workout left to squeeze in somewhere this week(I am thinking it is not going to happen). Prior to leaving for Indiana I wanted to get in one more workout and this fit in perfectly.

I woke up at 4 am to eat two waffles and a cup of coffee then was out the door to meet the crew at the Y at 4:25 to start the first loop at 4:30. We headed out for about 75 minutes and completed almost 8 miles. I felt good during this run. I was a little cold at first as I did not put on many layers knowing I would warm up as we ran. There were four of us running during this loop so it was good to run with others. My quads were tight from the run yesterday and bike ride the night prior. They loosened up and I felt pretty good during this loop.

We made our way back to the Y at 5:45 and was met by Chad and another outstanding endurance athlete. We headed out for the second loop. This loop took me a while to get into a groove. I have never been good at stopping and starting. My hands felt frozen and my legs locked up on me. After about 10 minutes I was able to warm back up and feel good. I ran with Jen and Julie and they ran at a slightly faster pace, but I was talking about Racine, WI and trying to learn a few tricks.

Overall I felt great considering the week I have had. My quads were shot by the end of the run. They went out for one more loop of about 4 miles to get 20 miles, but I opted not to push it too much and called it a day after two loops. I have a long day ahead of me driving and traffic. I hope I don't cramp. My legs are tired which is to be expected, but it is not a tired from doing too much,  just adapting to being on my feet for a little over two hours.

I finished up with 15.4 miles in 2 hours 17 minutes for a 8:54 pace with my average HR at 138 which is awesome at this stage in my training. I am feeling really good about things and truly enjoying everything. It really helps to be surrounded by so many amazing people and having a training partner.

I have the next 48 hours planned as rest. I will do nothing but lounge, eat, and be lazy. My days are limited in terms of eating like a slob. Come January it is time to get focused and really focus on nutrition and not splurging on cookies and treats. If I want to be in peak condition I must focus on my diet more. I do hope to get my final bike ride workout in Sunday night to complete all my training.

It has not been the most scaled back recovery week, but it has been enough to not push my body too far. Come next week I have some big workouts planned.

Happy holidays and I will resume posting post Christmas.

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