Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Triathlon Training: Week 4 Recovery - Tuesday Run With Amazing People

Wow! This morning once again reminded me of why I love running. The running community is such a fantastic group of people. Chad Uhde and I have been training for that last 3 weeks together. Prior to that I was able to get some runs in with some other runners. Due to busy schedules and the flu going around things fizzled out for a while.

This morning things were back on track. An amazing group of us got together for a run. Chad Uhde and I were there as usual, but we were met with Katie Gaffney, Jane Wheeler, and Michelle Russell. The five of us took off for a 6 mile run. The weather was fantastic for December. I was worried about the sleet, rain, snow combo that the news has been broadcasting, but it held off.

When you run with a group it really makes the time go by fast. I experienced this on Sunday running with the guys training for Leadville and again today. With any training, there are days when you just need to go solo, push yourself and find yourself as an individual, and then there are days when you need to run with others and just enjoy the sport and remind yourself of the other great people doing the same thing.

There is something to be said about the power of group running. It is a great reminder about why we fell in love with the sport in the first place. Yes, we all want to stay fit, be healthy, and look good, but there is that bond that you cannot always describe in words. For example, I have not seen Jane in weeks. I don't see her outside of running, but when we meet up for a run the conversation just flows and next thing you know 6 miles have passed us and in between mile 1 and 6 many new stories have been shared.

Once again I have been reminded about being grateful for these opportunities. Not only did I run with a great group of people, but when I stopped to think about it they are also some amazing runners who I can learn from. Russell tore up the Las Vegas Half Marathon and runs the amazing organization LIVE UNCOMMON. Gaffney is a stud runner and coach who has qualified for Boston, and Wheeler just flies all over any race finishing near the top all the time as well as being an amazing coach. Uhde and I are the ones breathing heavy and slapping our feet on the ground trying to keep up.

This morning we knocked out 6.15 miles in 55:07 for a 8:58 pace. My average HR was 146 so I was right where I needed to be. I also weighed myself. I have not done so in a few weeks with all the holiday eating and not wanting to know. Today I jumped back on the scale and was surprised to find myself at the same weight as I was when I weighed in on 11.29.11. This was nice to see. I still plan on not worrying about what I eat(I still eat good, but do indulge in the holiday cookies when around) until the new year. I will then begin to slowly focus on my eating to prep for my big races.

Last, talking with Michelle this morning she was discussing the big plans for LIVE UNCOMMON for 2012. I cannot wait to be part of the REVOLUTION that they have planned. Be on the lookout for some great things coming your way in 2012. It is going to be a great year. I also picked up my new long sleeve LU shirt. I love it! The gear is the best. I just love the design and the attention to the small details like my name along the wrist. I am sporting the shirt to school today. I want more in different colors. My closet is filling with LU gear, but their message is such a positive one and embodies my own GETTING IT DONE! in many ways.

Happy Tuesday and keep doing what you do. Make sure you take time to appreciate the people and the things around you.

Back to the bike tomorrow.

**More pictures of my shirt will be posted once they get uploaded to my Flickr account.**

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