Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Triathlon Training: Week 5 - Lactic Acid Threshold Training - Wednesday Swim - Flush Out The Lactic Acid

Woke up this morning to get in an optional swim that I had in the training for the week. I have two swim workouts that I need to get in and I had room for a third swim workout if I felt up to it. I decided to put in the optional swim workout this morning and use it for a couple reasons:

1. I am sore from the tough running workout from yesterday. Swimming helps my body feel better by loosening it up without any serious poundage.
2. I need to stay in the routine of working out each morning. I find it easier to work out in the morning. If I wait until later it never seems to get done or it feels like "work". For some reason at 5 am it does not seem like work.
3. I can work on improving my swimming.

Here is the workout - this was completed in about 45 minutes.

This is not a lactic acid threshold workout by any means. Rather it is a workout to flush out the lactic acid. I took things nice and easy. My legs and body were sore and tired so I was not out to push my body this morning. I still have a few workouts left this week to push the body.
Warm up went well. My shoulders always take time to loosen up and by the end of the drill work I was ready. I really struggled during the pyramid base building. I just could not get relaxed enough and therefore my breathing felt much more labored than what it should have been. I struggled on the 200's and the 250 due to my breathing. I was not swimming fast, but one thing I have realized as of late when I swim nice and easy working on base/endurance swims is that my legs don't stay up. I swim at an angle with my legs almost completely submerged in the water. When I swim fast my legs are right on top where they should be. I am not sure how to correct this, but this is something I need to fix as I will not be swimming fast in my triathlons. I will be swimming just to get by and try to make up ground on the bike and run.

After this workout I took it easy in the hot tub. My body needed some down time. I have been pushing my body hard the last few days and it is adapting well. Nutrition is the key. I hope to jump on the bike later tonight and keep going in a big week of training. 

Loving Life and working hard GETTING IT DONE! What are you doing?


Carson Christen said...

Enjoy reading your blog man!!! I am also getting into tri's this year after 14 years of swimming/6 years of cycling. One thing is be careful on all the VO2 stuff. You don't want to blow yourself up to early this year!!

Aaron Maurer said...

Thanks for commenting. I am glad someone reads my training. I record more to keep me on track and honest with myself. Good luck with tri's this year. You will have to keep me posted on your journey. The VO2 stuff is a fine line to walk. I plan on getting back to basics next when I start back to work. I think having the time to rest and recover this week will keep me safe. I am pushing hard this week and it is way early in my training, but I want to take advantage of the holiday break while I can. Once work and coaching starts up again next week I will have to fine tune my workouts to be time efficient and worthwhile without burning myself out. Good luck in your train and here is to you GETTING IT DONE!

Jeff Paul said...

Aaron, be sure to ask Coach Z. if she has any advice for keeping the legs higher during the next clinic. I think it's normal to kick faster when you are swimming fast but in the 1/2 IM distance you'll be swimming more relaxed and won't want your legs dragging in the water. I can tell you the wetsuit will bring your legs up without you doing anything special because of the bouyancy of the suit. Keep up the great work!