Friday, December 30, 2011

Triathlon Training: Week 5 Lactic Acid Threshold Week - Friday Run....HOLY HILLS BATMAN!

Woke up this morning to run with Byrne and Fountain who are both training for Leadville. I have been enjoying these runs as these guys are great motivation and inspiration. They are always so positive while running.

IMG_2021Today was a mental battle with me. We ran all over LeClaire this morning so this was all new territory. While driving over to the meeting spot it was raining. This was a bummer, but as soon as we started the rain was minimal and next to nothing until our second loop.

The first loop was a pretty tough loop for me. My legs and more so my quads were tired from the run and bike yesterday. We were constantly running either uphill or downhill the entire time. We headed out and ran on some back roads out behind the PV Junior High School. Running on gravel was something I have not done in quite some time. We made our way back and my quads were shot. I replenished with some Hammer Perpetuem, Gatorade, and water. We made out way for the second loop which turned out to be brutal.

The second loop we head out on 35th street to Valley Drive, down to the river past I-80 and back. This loop was a mental test the whole way. My legs were tired, my quads were dead, and it started to rain. I took things one step at a time and just pressed on. Coming back up Valley Drive was a major test as that is a .8 mile uphill monster. As soon as we finished that hill we had to remain strong on the little hills all over the golf course. There was one hill on the golf course that I am surprised a golf cart can make it up.

We ended up with 17 miles in 2:42 for a 9:30 pace. This was a big run for me and great way to put an end to a tough week of training for running. I still have a swim and bike workout, but I feel like I have become so much mentally tougher this week and runs like this have helped me learn to stay positive and compartmentalize my mind to stay stronger during times of toughness.

I am off for a hot shower and coffee. The 17 miles in the rain and cold was a big test and I passed. My avg. HR was 140 with max HR of 166. We ascended 1766 feet and descended 1762 feet.

I tried to make a Google Earth Video Tour, but I could not quite figure it out. Maybe later. It was a cool course. Gravel roads, skunks, geese, dogs, I-80 bridge, Mississippi River, and hills, hills, hills. What more could you ask for?

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john-byrne said...

You are welcome to run with us anytime. It is hard work but the company makes it quite enjoyable.