Monday, December 26, 2011

Triathlon Training: Week 5 - Lactic Threshold Week....Swimming I Go

Last week I had a great recovery week. I was slightly disappointed that I did not get in my second bike workout, but in the back of my mind I knew that was going to happen so I almost expected it. With traveling for the holidays and ensuring that I gave my body 48 hours of rest after not having a true rest day since December 4th I am very happy with the week. Even though it was a recovery week I had some great workouts.

My week 4 totals last week were
- 27.95 miles running (6.15, 6.4, 15.4)
- 2.34 miles swimming (1.2, 1.14)
- 21 miles biking (21 miles)

Total 51.39 miles

I did not do any weights this week to rest up my shoulder that has been giving me some pain since I lifted last. I will get some weight training in this week. It felt good to take a day off of training, but to take two days off I felt really gross. It did not help matters that I did nothing but stuff my face for two days straight with nothing but junk food. Eating like crap wears on you mentally. I can see how eating poorly leads to feeling bad about yourself and next thing you know you are in this endless cycle of bad self image and bad self indulgence. Last night as I was stuffing my face with Chex Mix I knew that was it. Today starts a day of going back to basics and eating healthy. It will be very challenging as we have all this food in our house that is nothing but bad, but it sure looks good.

I weighed in this morning. I don't normally weigh in until Tuesdays, but I wanted to see where I was starting at prior to this week of workouts. I found myself much higher than expected weight wise. I packed on some serious weight since leaving for Indiana Friday. It was all the motivation I need to get back on track.

Today I woke up early around 4:30 to get my swim in early. I knew if I waited until later in the morning or day it would never happen. I was already somewhat upset that I did not jump on the back last night so I was ready to go. I was very tired getting up as Ava was up most of the night crying and puking. Poor girl has been sick the whole holiday break so far. She is a trooper and a great 7 month old as she was out of routine, sleep patterns, and not having her bed for 2.5 days while puking and having a head cold.

The workout this morning was tough. The whole week this week is all about pushing my lactic acid threshold levels. This swim workout pushed me to my limit. I also added a swim test as I have to submit a swim time for some of the triathlons I want to do. I have not swam very far - 300 yds being my farthest in one go.

Here is the workout I completed. A nice little 2400 yd workout to start the day at 5 am. No time for sleeping in this holiday break!

I felt good in the water today. It actually felt fantastic to be doing something healthy after a two day sloppy binge. I was nervous for the 36 length lap test. I took this nice and easy. I had to test myself to submit the paperwork for an indoor tri coming up in January that I am thinking about doing. I was so happy to be able to complete these 36 lengths. My time was 19:15 for this. I went slow to make sure I could complete. I found a nice rhythm and was able to keep going. I lost count one time so I might have swam an extra lap, but I am not counting it. After this swim test I moved onto the lactic acid thresholds. I swam fast, but I felt fatigued after about the 4th test. I was gassed and was not able to swim as fast as I would have liked. I guess that is the point of this workout. The last swim sprint series was tough with the 20 second rest.
Overall, this was the perfect workout to start my week. I am looking to really get after things this week and test my mental toughness on a few of these workouts. 

I hope everyone had a happy holiday. I had a great time with family, but I look forward to getting back to routine. Hard to believe I am already in my 5th week of training.

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