Monday, January 16, 2012

GETTING IT DONE! Holding Myself Accountable This Week

This blog has been a great source of accountability over the last year or so.

I need to hold myself more accountable.

So here it is my accountability challenge for the week (Monday - Friday)

I am going to go five days with no junk food. Junk food includes candy, chips, pop(diet included), chocolate, and anything that would be deemed unhealthy.

I am not cutting back on food because that would be stupid with my training loads that I have been putting my body through. Rather, instead of having those 2-3 times during the day where I just unleash and wreak havoc on any food item in my kitchen I will eliminate this by choosing healthier options. Perhaps eating even more frequently might help these cravings. These food binges always occur around 2:30 - 3:00, 5:00 - 5:30, and 8:30 - 9:00.

I ate so terrible this weekend and a couple times during the past week. Yesterday I went all in just eating like complete crap one more day to remind myself how terrible you really feel when you inject your body with garbage. Trust me I felt horrible and I paid for it this morning in the pool when it felt like I was swimming with a cinder block in my gut.

I weighed in this morning just to see how my eating habits affected me and how eating healthy will affect my body after five days. I have to admit that I weigh the most I have weighed since July 2011. Not a good sign. I know most of this weight is probably water weight due to sodium and other junk.

There it is! Right here on this blog. I will update my progress in my training logs to keep me focused. It will be a tough challenge because I love food. I can do it! If I can push my body in training, then I can push my mind to not indulge. I am more interested in seeing how it affects my body during my training. Surely I will feel even better and recover better.

The challenge has started. GETTING IT DONE! just proved interesting.

Feel free to join in if you wish. Just a final reminder. This is not a diet. I am not eating less. I am just eating clean.

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