Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Thank You John Green - My Nerdy Superhero and Mentor

How I love John Green!

My favorite author. Period. Of all genres.

This weekend I received my signed copy of his latest novel, The Fault In Our Stars.

John Green Autographed Book

And yes I have started reading it. Reading it slowly. Digesting all the witty dialogue and writing elements that John incorporates into his writing.

I have many places bookmarked as favorite passages, quotes, one liners, etc.

The best part of this book?

His autograph

John Green Autograph

Thank you John Green for your autograph, your splendid YouTube videos, and your books. After a long hiatus from YA novels you have brought me back in the genre. A book review will be later this week. So far I am loving this novel.

Maybe one day I can convince him to offer up a dialogue via YouTube between him and me. That would be the ultimate of all ultimates. This has me thinking that it is about time to bring back the Coffeechug videos. Let the gears start to turn......

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