Monday, January 30, 2012

Triathlon Training: Week 10 - Back to the pool after first Triathlon

Man, am I sore after my first triathlon yesterday. I am sore from the run as I have not ran that fast in a very long time. It was hard getting out of bed this morning.

I was sore. I was tired. My motivation was a little low after going hard yesterday. I managed to find my way to the Y ready to improve my swim.

I had a planned workout today of 2600 yards. I was not sure if I was going to be able to complete it or not, but I had the mindset to knock it out.

Here is the workout that I was planning on doing:

Week10: Monday swim

The warm up felt good to get loose again. It was weird being back in the pool again after less than 24 hours. I swam my usual free, kicks with board, and pull as warm up.

For my drill set I did one arm swim, kicks with arms at sides to work on keeping legs up and not dragging, and 6 kick swim, and one set of counting strokes(15 strokes).

I then moved right into the 8 x 100's at a moderate pace. I felt pretty good here. I swam the first four under 1:45 giving me a 15 second rest as I started at the top of the clock. I then picked up the pace a little bit without feeling tired knocking out the next three in 1:30 - 1:35. After 7 I stopped as Stacey and Lisa asked me to join them for a swim set. How could I say no to swim with two great swimmers and one being my coach? You don't, so I headed over to their lane for a circle swim and workout. Wowsers!

I am so glad they arrived when they did because I was in the process of talking myself out of the rest or my workout as I was not in the mood at all to do 8 x 100 sprints. With them I had no choice but to stay the course and push myself.

We did 2 x 200's. I don't remember what the time was, but I know I was gassed at the end of each of these. They had it all dialed in on time so I lost track, but I know I had to really push myself to stay strong. As I tired my kicks became bigger and Stacey reminded me to keep my kicks short and swift.

After the 200's we did 3 x 150's. I liked this distance as I find it much easier to push harder on this compared to the 200's. 200 is my enemy and I have not quite conquered this foe yet. I felt much better on the 150's, but I had to really dig to keep up.

Last we did 4 x 75's. I had two sets where I had to keep up with Stacey. This was no small feat. I held my own. The other two sets were more recovery sets which I needed as they were swimming IM's.

This was a perfect way to end my workout. I pushed much harder than I would have done on my own if I had even stayed. I am glad I was able to join them and finish with a great workout.

I ended up with 2350 yards in this workout and they were some quality laps. I am off to another great start this week.

The swim helped knock out some of the soreness and fatigue in my legs. Happy Monday to all!

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