Thursday, January 5, 2012

Triathlon Training: Week 6 - Thursday Morning Run

Another great morning to run! The cold front has left us and it was a nice 25 degrees outside. A perfect morning to run. Wheeler showed up to run so it was great to have someone to run with. We tackled our loop from last time the group was together.

The workout today called for

The crazy thing is that I did not plan it, but we were almost exact at this run workout today.
That is crazy how we were almost spot on in terms of everything. I love it! I love how things just fall into place sometimes. I had a great time running with Wheeler and just talking about coaching and training and life. One of the great things about running and training is working out with others and just trading life stories, tips, and ideas. It was a nice run and great way to start the morning.

I needed this run to loosen up the body. I finished riding last night at 10:00 and pretty much went straight to bed. I was a little tight this morning. I feel much better now.

I plan to get in my strides/sprints in at practice tonight along with some push-ups.

This evening I head to Kaminski Chiro for some Active Release Therapy. I have never done this before, but decided that due to my training volume I should go as more of a wellness/preventive session to stay on top of anything going on with my body. I have a few sore/tender spots, but I look forward to seeing what he says and what I learn about myself. 

Have a great Thursday and never give up on those dreams!!

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