Thursday, January 5, 2012

Triathlon Training: Week 6 - Wednesday Night Bike Ride (workout #2 of the day)

I really did not want to jump on the bike tonight. Not because I don' t like the bike, but the fact that when it comes to finally getting home after coaching I really just want to hang out with my kids and then go to bed shortly after. After hanging out with the kids and putting them to bed I fought the urge to skip. I finally decided to get it done. I did not want to start a trend of finding excuses to not train early in my training as that will just continue and become an easy habit to form.

Around 8:30 I jumped on the bike for a 990 minute run that called for the following:

The hardest part about this workout was sitting on the bike for 90 minutes. It just kills my butt to be on that seat for a long period of time. After riding 75 minutes Monday my butt was not read for 90 minutes.
The workout went well. I felt good once I got on the bike. I did jump off the bike twice to change the channels on the tv, but they were simply 30 second little breaks. 

I did learn last night what "high gear" and "low gear" means. I had to do a little reading to find out as I was not sure what the names meant in terms of what gears I should be using. Learn something new every single day.

I am glad I fought the urge to skip. It was a great ride that reminded how much weaker the brain is compared to the body. The key to training is to also work on the mental training to make the brain as powerful as the body. I feel like I am moving in the right direction.

Some workout stats for my own sake of recording

Total Time: 90 minutes(longest ride yet)
Distance Covered: 32.42 miles
Avg. Page: 2:47
Avg. HR: 117
Avg. Cadence: 80 (most time spent in the top three highest gears)

Off to bed so get ready for a run at 5 am.

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