Sunday, January 15, 2012

Triathlon Training: Week 7 - Catching Up on Some Workouts

Life has been busy the last few days and I was not able to get in some workouts that I completed earlier in the week.

Thursday I ran out in the snow and wind before school. It felt good to get in a run as it was my first of the week after being sick and dealing with sick kids on Tuesday. Thursday night I was able to get myself on my bike after missing my bike workout Wednesday. Things just did not go to plan on Wednesday, but I was able to get back on track Thursday night.

I was to complete the following workout


During this ride I made it a goal of mine to keep my cadence above 90. Even during the recovery parts I kept my cadence above 90. One of the things I need to improve is my cadence. I am comfortable pedaling with power and lower cadence, but not comfortable going at a higher cadence.

This proved to be a tough workout. I needed a tough workout as I felt sloppy from the way the week had progressed.

I knocked out 25 miles in 70 minutes with an average cadence of 91 and average HR of 124. My average speed was 21.5, but I know during the minute intervals I was pushing 30 mph+

I woke up Friday morning and completed the t-30 swim workout which I felt really good about and put me back on track mentally.

I had to stay home again on Friday for Ava who still was sick with a virus. She went down for a nap in the mid morning so I quickly jumped on my bike to get in my long ride that I needed to get in for the week. My long workout consisted of


I started off nice and easy as my legs were tight from the hard workout the night before and the swim a few hours prior. I was riding at over 4 minute mile pace to start and slowly picked up the pace as I warmed up. I got about 26 minutes into my ride when Ava woke up from her nap. So much for that. I was not able to get back on the bike as I cannot leave her wandering while I ride.

During the break I did my stretches as advised my doctors at Kaminski and knocked out several sets of push ups. Finally,  after lunch Ava went back down for a nap and I jumped back on the bike. Addy came down and played house/restaurant/ and made some artwork while I rode. I knew that with the time I would not be able to get in this long workout so I pushed the pace and settled for a 90 minute ride instead. Sometimes you have to make do with what you have. I really cranked the pace for me and was able to get in 31.26 miles in 90 minutes. My legs were fried.

I quickly jumped in the shower and got ready for basketball practice at 3 and then left for Iowa State at 5:30 for Lego Robotics State Competition.

It was a crazy day. I found a way to get in my rides. I did not get in my long ride the way I wanted, but I think that the push for 90 minutes was just as effective.

These are the two workouts I knocked out Thursday and Friday that I did not have time to get recorded.

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