Friday, January 13, 2012

Triathlon Training: Week 7 - Friday Swim T-30 Test

This whole week has been weird. I have just felt off a step all week and I really look forward to getting back on the old Coffeechug path. A variety of factors have just made me feel out of sync mentally.

This morning I woke up and sat on the couch debating what workout I should do. Part of me wanted to get in on the treadmill and get that sprint workout done that I missed earlier in the week and skip swimming. Another part of me just wanted to sip coffee and clear my mind(but I knew that would haunt my thoughts all day if I did not work out), and a small part of me wanted to lift weights.

I looked at my swim workout for today

Week 7 - Friday Swim 

This workout looked somewhat close to a test that our swim coaches mentioned at the Tri Swim Practice last Sunday where they mentioned swimming nonstop for 30 minutes to see how far you could swim.

They did say that not all of us were ready for this test yet and I would assume that maybe I was one of the ones they were discussing. However, I am stubborn and love a challenge and decided to go ahead and do this T30 test and see how things would go.

I am happy to report that doing this was probably the best decision I have made all week(I have made some bad ones this week).

I took it very nice and easy and just tried to mentally tune out the world and just swim. I did not think about form and technique. I did not think about breathing. I did not think about how many minutes I had left.

I simply swam. It was awesome. It was just what I needed. I am sure my form was terrible. I am sure I looked like a drowning dog. But it felt great.

I actually found this to be easy. I found this test to be great for my swim and my mental awareness.

In the 30 minutes I swam 32 laps or 64 lengths which comes out to 1600 yards. I am very happy with this. Actually this is just 4 laps shy of the workout above.

I finished the 30 minutes and did not feel tired or worn out so part of me wishes I would have pushed more. However, it is tough for me to gauge how fast to swim as I don't have much experience swimming for extended periods of time. I know I could have completed 36 laps had I picked up the pace earlier.

I left the pool feel great. I walked out with a sense of calm. I am recalibrated and ready to push through on this training journey along with balancing life, work, and coaching. It is hard, but it is possible.

Happy Friday to everyone. I leave tonight after basketball for Iowa State for Lego Robotics State Competition so this affects training times, but I will make do.

Life is all about balance. I think I have the scales of life centered again. 

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