Monday, January 16, 2012

Triathlon Training: Week 7 - Not Sure About This Week? Ups, Downs, Spirals, And Back On My Two Feet

Not quite sure what to make of this week of training.

It has been a weird week.

I completed all workouts except two - both running(sprint and long run)

I may still have time to get in a medium distance run.

Life got in the way this week with training. I have to learn to be ready and cope with the curve balls that life throws at me.

This week I did not handle things as well as I could have. It is a learning process.

Training wise I feel good. I had some great workouts and found time when things broke down to get them in. I missed out on some runs, but I don't feel that will hurt me as that is my strongest element in training right now.

I did fall apart in the eating. When I get tired I eat junk food. Life was busy so I scrambled to eat properly running from practice to practice, dealing with sick kids, trying to find family time, and just have a moment for myself. This weekend was even worse being at Iowa State for Lego Robotics. Pizza, chips, snacks, cookies, pop, fast food, candy, etc. You name it I ate it and I don't think any of it was healthy. You have to have these days, but when I have worked hard to get back on the right path of eating well it is amazing how quickly it is to jump off and have the body crave the junk. I could tell I was eating more healthy because my body did not like all the junk at first, but it quickly got over it and began to crave it. Driving three hours I ate even more junk to stay awake.

I fell off the path, but I correctly myself, found the path, and am back on track.

I did not train Saturday after having four big workouts the two days prior. My legs were sore and my knees were tender. I came home late Saturday night(11 pm) and slept in and did not get up for the long run with the Leadville guys. I really look forward to these runs, but my body just needed some sleep and a morning to get back on track.

Not every week can go perfect. It it did then more people would be in great shape. The key is how we adapt and learn. This week will prove to be another challenging week as my basketball games start for 8th grade. Finding time, getting good sleep, staying up to date with schoolwork and family is all about balance. Sometimes with balance you have to make sacrifices here and there. I think this week will allow me to get right back on track and get dialed in again.

It will be nice to move away from this last week. It was a long week and I don't want to have another week like it.

Week 7 puts me at around 97 miles
86.67 miles on the bike
6.86 miles on the road (missed two run workouts)
3.81 miles in the pool

My totals after 7 weeks put me at 564.64 miles
396.41 miles on the bike
134.81 miles on the road
20.15 miles in the pool

181 days until Racine

Here is the plan for this week(Week 8). This is a recovery week, but will still be a tough one.

Week 8 Plans

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