Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Triathlon Training: Week 7 - Tuesday Bike Ride

I was able to get at least one of the workouts completed for Tuesday.

Here is the training schedule for this week

Week 7 Training Schedule

I had made some adjustments and after this morning missing my run I will have to figure out some other adjustments.

While Ava took a power nap I was able to quickly jump on the bike for Bike Workout #1 which called for the following:

Week 7 - Tuesday BikeB

Being that I had some issues with my stomach today I felt I could jump on the bike on my trainer and if I needed to end the workout I could do so. My legs were pretty tired from battling the stomach flu and the swim workout yesterday, but once I got going on the bike they really loosened up. This was a tough workout.

I tried to do two things during this ride.

1. Work on riding at a higher cadence on the lower gears as this is something I don't do often because I don't like it.

2. During the 5 minute hill climb really try to crank at a good pace that I could maintain for the 5 minutes on the highest gear.

I was able to accomplish both of these. My legs were spent by the end of this ride. They are quite tired right now as I type this. Working on the higher cadence was tough. This is almost harder than riding in the high gear. I don't know much about the bike, but I feel more comfortable pedaling in high gear with a lot of power than lower gears with faster cadence. I would assume this is due to my body size and build, but I know I need to work on the faster cadence in lower gears. I won't always be able to push the high gears and if I do my run will struggle. This was a good stepping stone.

All in all I knocked out 80 minutes on the bike riding 30.34 miles for 2:38 avg. pace, 22.7 avg. mph., and 121 avg HR with 83 avg. cadence.

I feel relieved to get one of the two workouts in today. I watched the first part of Inception and now I am dying to see how it ends and figure out what all is going on. Looks like I will finish the movie tomorrow as I have another bike workout. I made a makeshift setup so I had something to watch. I have some movies on my computer so I quickly moved things around and was ready to rock and roll.

Quick Movie Watching Setup For Bike Ride
And yes, my computer desk is a complete mess as I am in the process of decluttering. In order to declutter and simplify my life I have to make a massive mess to sort through it all. Plus, this is just how I roll. I call it organized chaos. Note all the papers are just one of about 20 stacks of basketball notes, diagrams, and charts I have that I am slowly sorting. This might take me all season.

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Jeff Paul said...

That is a great workout. One of my biggest test workouts on the trainer is a 5x5. 5x5 minutes about as hard as you can hold for 5 minutes with 5 minutes super easy pedaling recovery after each in order to get ready mentally and phsyically for the next one.