Friday, January 20, 2012

Triathlon Training: Week 8 - Friday Swim Workout


This was our workout today. It was the perfect workout to end the work week. I have been living in a world of frustration lately which is all my fault to allow myself to be frustrated. Today I was tired. I could not sleep at all after losing our basketball game last night. I am a competitor and to lose drives me nuts! I kept replaying the game trying to find out what I can do to make the team better. As soon as I fell asleep Ava was awake and then she woke up again later in the night. By the time I settled in for a good sleep it was time to get up and swim. My head hurt and I was tired.

Today it felt good just to jump in and go. No drills or any speed work. After our 250 yd warm-up we headed right into our 60 lengths of the pool for the 1500 yard swim. I took it nice and easy and found some peace and calm within the laps. I was able to swim this in 27 minutes which is not too bad considering I felt fine when I finished. The swimming is coming together. I don't always want to swim and don't always enjoy, but I am seeing improvements which is nice. My form and technique might still be bad, but my endurance is increasing.

We finished up with a cool down of kicks with fins and the board. I have two workouts left for the week. I hope to get them both in. If not both, then at least the one which is a brick workout.

Last night I realized that next weekend I will be doing my first triathlon. It is an indoor tri so it won't be like the real thing, but will still give me some practice with transition and doing all three sports in one day. I look forward to seeing how I do.

Have a good Friday. I am working on changing this string of bad luck. I hope to start a trend in the positive direction by the end of the work day.

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