Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Triathlon Training: Week 8 - Monday Night Bike Ride

Monday night I jumped on the bike after the kids went to bed to complete the following workout


This was a tough workout for me. My legs were tired from swimming in the morning. I had a weird feeling all day. I came home from swimming to have my vision blurry and while watching TV with the kids my head started to really hurt and my vision continue to become blurry to the point that I could no longer make out the TV. I then fell super tired. I slept maybe three times off and on during the day while home with the kids. I felt better that evening and felt good enough to jump on the bike.

I popped in Bad Teacher and took off on the trainer. I started pretty easy and slowly picked up the pace during the warm up portion of the ride. These 5 minute power sessions were tough. I had a hard time maintaining a high power pace for three minutes. This was a good workout. I did not go 100% all out, but came close probably around 90-93%.

I was able to knock out 30 miles in 82 minutes. I had to complete that final mile before stopping. This put me at a 2:44 pace on the bike with an AVG speed of 21.9, avg. HR of 114 and avg. cadence of 80. I grinded out on the big gear up front and switching from middle to the small gear on the back during the workout.

I have about 10 minutes of the movie left. Not a bad movie, but nothing outstanding. Any other good movie suggestions? I am slowly catching up with my movie watching from the past 5 years. I never have time for movies, but all this bike riding is a great way to pass the time.

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