Thursday, January 19, 2012

Triathlon Training: Week 8 - Thursday Run In Cold, Ice, Snow

Boy it was pretty slick out today. We had FOUR CRAZIES out and about this morning ready to brave the wind and cold. Uhde, Gaffney, Wheeler, and myself headed outdoors to run while the people at the Y looked at us like we were.....well, CRAZY!!

It was chilly in the wind. We had to be careful of where we stepped due to some slick spots on the sidewalks and the road.

I know I have said it before, but running out in the cold and snow proves to be more challenging than I give it credit for. I know that this type of running and training will pay off when it becomes warm out. My planned run was to include some fartleks, but it is just not possible/safe in the conditions. Instead I just ran a little farther and pushed my aerobic capacity.

You can tell the runs are more difficult compared to my fall runs as my HR is higher than normal. Running up hills really places a great workout on the leg muscles.

My face was frozen when we finished and my face mask was crystallized over. However, it was awesome to be outside and running with others. I don't want to be trapped indoors and having others around who are willing to brave the weather really helps.

You can see the split times below. As always if you live around and want to run feel free to join us. We did see one other runner today back in the neighborhoods so we are not alone in our crazy endeavors.

A great start to hopefully a great day.

By the way, Uhde takes the cake this morning with his beautifully hand stitched scarf that had this nice little flower with a button middle. Too funny considering he is built like the Hulk and here he is sporting a hand stitched flower scarf. Next time I am capturing a picture. The things we do to stay warm.

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