Friday, January 20, 2012

Triathlon Training: Week 8 - Thursday Night Bike Ride

This was a frustrating bike ride. I jumped on the bike to get my 60 minute workout in for the week that was to be

I started off with the mindset of pedaling a high cadence as this is my weakness. I moved my front gears to the middle and my back to the middle/largest gears to help me push my turnover rate.

As you can see my sensor on my bike was not working properly if you look at the data table. I sure wish I could pedal 180 mph. The speed sensor kept going off on me. I would be pedaling at 24 mph and then it would drop down to 2 mph and then go back up. I was getting quite angry to be honest. I was hoping to ride my bike to release some frustrations after getting beat in basketball in our first game of the season. All this ride did was add more fuel to my fire. I stuck with it until the watch read 20 miles, but I know I rode further than that. My cadence reading is accurate so I kept my cadence above 90 and during the minute intervals I was pushing 100 plus which is good for me. Towards the end I moved to the bigger gears to move to the power pedaling to get my miles in.

I finished up with a good workout and probably pushing more than the 7 x 1 minute intervals that I was supposed to do. However, I live and die by my data and to have this sensor not work just put me over the edge. This type of luck has just been my scenario this week.

Sometime GETTING IT DONE! is not fun, but you must fight your way through to battle your own demons.

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