Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Triathlon Training: Week 8 - Tuesday Run With Crazies

Woke up this morning tired. Laid in bed for two minutes after my alarm went off and the next thing you know it was 4:56. I jumped out of bed, quickly dressed for the cold and headed to the Y. Arrived at the Y at 5:04 just in the nick of time to catch Uhde and Gaffney on their way for the run. I quickly put on my hat and gloves and took off. Needless to say I forgot to switch my Garmin over to running, but not a big deal as it still worked to clock miles, split times, and distance.

It was great to run with these two this morning. Uhde is making some huge strides with his running coming off his big 19 mile run this weekend and turning around to run again today. His progress has been remarkable. He has that tough wrestler mentality that allows to push himself. He has provided some great motivation to stay devoted to my own path of training by watching him improve his run.

The run today allowed me to knock out this training run of

Week 8: Tuesday Run

We ran outside which I was a little unsure of at first as the snow was coming down pretty good on the drive. However, it turned out to be perfect running. It was not cold at all and the wind was not strong either.

It felt like we were running at a very fast pace so I surprised to see our mile splits. The two times I have ran in the snow it felt like I was flying, but actually was much slower. I don't know if this is just a snow thing or what.

It was nice to get out and run after missing two workouts last week. I have hopes of getting back on track and getting the miles in this week.

We ended up with 6 miles in 51:56 for a 8:39 mile pace. We started mile 1 at 9:12 and finished up mile 6 with 7:57. It sure felt faster.

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You Dee said...

Thanks Aaron!  Don't know if the wrestler mentality is a good thing or not? :)   I have learned a lot from it but most of all the people we have surrounded ourselves with in the exercise world has been a tremendous help.  Always something new to see and learn!