Monday, January 16, 2012

Triathlon Training: Week 8(Recovery Week) - Monday Morning Swim

This week is a recovery week. However, I don't think it is going to feel like a recovery week after the bad week of training last week where I missed out on two workouts and ate terrible, and just had a weird and long week mentally.

This morning I jumped into the pool bright and early. Amanda has in service so I had to get this workout done at 5 am and not sleep in on my day off(not sure I would have slept in anyways).

I am focused this week. I am dialed in with my eating and my approach to training. I need a great week to get things back on track.

My first swim workout of week consisted of 2200 yards. I had the following workout to knock out:

Week 8 Monday Swimg
I forgot to write in the 8x25 Drill Set after the warm-up.
I started out with the warm-up obviously. My shoulders were tight and my body felt like a big block on stone. I knew that my weekend of eating like poop was here to show me how it affects me.

I moved into a 8 x 25 drill set working on the 6 count, shark fin, kicks on my back, and counting my strokes.

Then I moved to the 8 x 100's at a moderate pace. I started off my first leg at 1:35 and felt pretty good with that time so I tried to keep that as my gauge. My rest was longer than 5 seconds. To help me stay on track I just started at the top of the clock each time so I had about 20-25 second rest which I don't think is a big deal. I was able to maintain the 1:35 time for all eight sets. I will admit I was tired towards the end. My body felt heavy, but I attribute that to my terrible schedule and eating this weekend. It was a great reminder about eating healthy.

While I was swimming I was trying to remember what my swim coach Tara had emailed me. I gave her my T-30 swim time and she broke down what my 100's and 200's time splits should be. I could not remember, but when I came home I read her email and she recommended a 1:40 time so I was right on track and just a shade under that time.

Next I had the 8 x 75 max speed. I started tired, but pushed through. I was able to hit all 8 splits between 58-60 seconds each time. I had to fight hard to maintain this pace the last three sets. My problem was more in my breathing more than anything else. My legs were tired, but I found the energy to plunge through. I don't know what my time splits should have been, but I was happy with this time.

For my cool down I did some kicks with fins and the board, 100 free with fins, and another 100 on my back and also mixing in kicks with the board.

This was a good workout. It worked me out good.

Happy Monday!

P.S. As you know I am working on eating healthy. It is only 9:52 and it was so hard to not indulge in a handful of potato chips as I watched my kids eat some. So difficult.

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