Sunday, January 8, 2012

Week 6 Triathlon Training Totals

I always find it important to take time to look back at what I have accomplished each week to make sure that I realize how important it is to not only train and properly fuel the body with nutrition, water, and rest, but to also look at how far I have come in the last 6 weeks.

This was another big week. I put in some quality miles despite the first week back to school and a crazy schedule of coaching basketball, coaching Lego robotics, and a house of sick people

This week I finished with 129.52 miles
- 95.5 miles on the bike
-30.95 on the road
-3.07 in the pool

This is my biggest volume of training yet. I feel pretty good. It is amazing how the body adapts if you take care of it properly.

After six weeks my total training miles are at 467.3 miles
-309.74 on the bike
-127.95 on the road
-16.34 in the pool

Not too bad considering I barely ever swam before this training or rode a bike. I have a come a long way since my first week of only 37.8 miles. I have a long and hard journey ahead of me, but I right on track to doing great things this summer and fall.

It sure makes it easier when you love what you do. I love this training. I find it enjoyable and great for my mind. I also appreciate all the people that join me in training whether in the pool or on the road. Having a great community of hard workers keeps me in line.

Here is to another great week of training coming up.

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