Thursday, February 23, 2012

144 Days(Wednesday) - Biggest Swim Workout and Tough Bike Workout.....TRX and 1/2 Angie To Follow

Woke up this morning with a lot on my mind. I got up just fine for once, ate a GU and headed to the pool to get in a good workout. I had a good workout planned with two levels of difficulty. Both were going to be tough, but I had two levels dependent on how I felt. I felt good and went with the higher workout.

400 yards - 100 free, 100 kick(no board, hands on sides), 100 pull, 100 kick with board)

8 x 50 - 25 RT/LT, 25 Build w/ 20 RI- so one set was swimming with just my right arm and then swimming back gradually picking up pace to full sprint by the end. Next set was with the left hand.I swam all of these sets in 49-50 seconds.

Main Set - all with 20 sec RI
500 yard swim - I have not swam a distance this long since the indoor tri. I felt nice and relaxed and really enjoyed just swimming laps. I tried to really focus on rolling and staying on the top of the water. I also focused on kicking from my hips and not my knees(more on this soon when I post about the swim class last Sunday). I swam this in 8:19 and felt good. I was not tired at all

2 x 250 - With only 20 second rest intervals I was back swimming right away. I swam both sets in 4:04 and 4:03. Still working on the same things as before. I was not sure what my T-Pace should be for this distance as I don't know how to figure in extra time as the swim distance increase or decrease. I was happy with the time knowing I could swim harder.

500 yard swim - Mentally I worked on staying calm to finish this one. I did not want to think too much and get tight in the pool. I stayed calm and swam this in 8:12. I was tired by the end.

100 pull - I added this as I was dead tired and my legs were dragging big time during the end of the 500 yard swim. I did not want to rest so I did this instead before finishing the workout.

4 x 100- 1:32, 1:31, 1:30, 1:31 were my times on the 100's with 20 second rest. This was a great way to end the workout. I felt good about myself when I finished this up.

100 cool down kick with board.

Total yards 2900 yards. My biggest to date. I thought I had 3000 during the swim, but I was wrong. Finished in 60 minutes

Later in the day I jumped on the bike for another 28 mile run. My knee started off a little tender on the inside part of the knee, but as I continued on the ride it started to feel normal. I decided to push a little harder on this ride to test the knee. The whole goal of my current bike training is to get my knee used to the mileage. In two weeks I will incorporate interval workouts and I hope to have my knee ready for this type of workout. I was sweating bullets on this ride, but overall felt really good.

I ended with a one mile cool down. I then took my son to the doctor and and got things back on track. It was a good day for training and a good day for my family.

My goals now are to get in some more overall body fitness work. I am planning on some TRX Core Strength workout and a 1/2 Angie Crossfit workout. GETTING IT DONE! has forced me to push myself to new levels. This is a big week with a recovery week next week.

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