Tuesday, February 21, 2012

145 Days - Tuesday Run With A Crazy!

My alarm went off this morning and like so many times this winter I fell back asleep to soon awake at 4:42 in a state of panic. Yesterday I sent out an email to everyone asking them if they would be willing to run 7 miles this week during these runs as part of my training. I kept thinking how terrible it would be if I was late after making this request. After a mad scramble I made it to the Y just in time. It was just Chad there waiting in hopes that someone would show. I think he was starting to believe that perhaps we left without him.

The weather was not too bad. It had snowed during the night, but the temp was around 30 degrees. The problem was not the weather, but the slush that was left behind. It did not take long for us to hit a few good puddles in the sidewalk and to constantly splash slush all over. We were soaked in our shoes, socks and running gear after  few miles. Besides the extra weight in slush it was also a little difficult to grab traction. Needless to say this run proved more difficult that I had imagined.

I charted a course that ran us around town, but I failed to remember a few key hills on the path. However, we were able to push through and end up with a good run. This run proved way more challenging than I had mentally prepped for. I was glad Chad was there to run with to aid in conversation and to keep me pushing onward.

We finished with a pretty good pace. My calories on the chart above are wrong as I did not switch my watch to run mode so I am guess I burned around 1300 calories as I typically burn around 1100 on a 6 mile run.

It felt good to get this run today. I am really hoping to get through this week of training with a strong push. I have a recovery week next week where I am really cutting back the training load and probably even add a few rest days. My knees hurt. They hurt in places I have not had pain. They hurt on the back which I believe is hamstring related and they hurt on the inside. I have trained hard for several days now and I know the joints need some rest. I want them to hold up through Sunday. Looking long term I know I have a recovery week next week and during Spring Break there will be some recovery days as well. I will be swimming in the ocean and running along the beach, but no bike during that week so that will give my body ample time to recover. After Spring Break it will then be go time for sure as I must get my body dialed in on my bike.

This is my last week of basketball coaching which will greatly help with getting to Kaminski as needed and getting some strength work in after school. I love coaching, but as my work load picks up I will need that time to train.

GETTING IT DONE! is working hard. Not only to better myself to hopefully inspire others to push themselves. I will have more on this idea later today. Until then stay the course and strive to GETTING IT DONE!

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